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Guidelines for Unit DEI Strategic Plan annual reporting

We are in the fourth year of implementing UMOR’s DEI Strategic Plan and now ask all of our units about progress made, barriers encountered, and other observations. Questions related to these topics are presented in the “UMOR Unit DEI Reporting Template by Unit” survey, which is designed to assist DEI unit contacts with the submission of their unit's annual DEI related activity, progress, and challenges. 

We will use this information to:

  • To compile our annual Unit DEI Plan report to the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Learn how to better support our units in DEI efforts
  • Plan for changes to the Year-Five DEI Strategic Plan

We ask you to provide us with your input no later than June 30, 2020. 


Unit DEI Plan report contents:

  1. Report on Strategic Objectives and Action Items

  2. DEI Engagement and Assessment Activities

  3. Highlights

  4. Reflections on Plan Implementation Progress and Challenges

  5. Reflections on Implementation Challenges

  6. Updates on Implementation Structure and Process

  7. Unit Changes in Policy or Standard Procedures since DEI Plan Launch

  8. OPTIONAL: COVID-19 Unit Response

  9. Supplemental Materials

Report on Strategic Objectives and Action Items

Units should report their unit's associated Year-Four (FY20) activity (or activities) for action items listed under each strategic objective listed in the current DEI Strategic Plan.

DEI Engagement, Assessment Activities, and Highlights

Units should submit information about all Year-Four unit DEI engagement and assessment activities, including constituencies reached (e.g., undergraduate/graduate students, staff, faculty, campuswide, other).


Units may choose to briefly highlight up to three Action Items from the past year that went particularly well or better than expected.  Action Items selected should be those that had a significant impact or could be instructive for other units.

Reflections on Plan Implementation Strategy and Progress

Units should describe the factors that contributed to the unit's progress on its Year-Four plan implementation process (e.g., systems and structure, leadership support, capacity, etc.)

Reflections on Implementation Challenges

Units should recount the challenges, if any, the unit faced that impacted its Year-Four DEI plan implementation process (e.e., capacity climate issues, leadership transition, resources, COVID-19, etc.)

Updates on Implementation Structure and Process

Units should describe whether or not their Year-Four unit DEI implementation plan structure has changed since Year-Three (e.g., leadership transitions, implementation committees, new hires, staffing models, etc.

Unit Changes in Policy or Standard Procedures Since DEI Plan Launch

Units should illustrate the ways in which their organizational culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion is evolving. Specifically, units should identify any DEI-related policies, practices, and/or standard operating procedures that have been formalized within the unit that cover different constituencies (students, staff, faculty, others) since the DEI Plan launch (e.g., recruitment/hiring/retention strategies, onboarding plan, Faculty Activity Report or staff performance review, admission process, accessibility practices).

OPTIONAL: COVID-19 Unit Response

Units should describe the ways in which diversity, equity, and inclusion impacted the unit's response to COVID-19.

Supplemental Materials

Also optional, units are able to upload a sampling of materials that depict their Year-Four DEI activities.  Examples include event posters or other promotional materials, photos, unit newsletters or communications, organizational charts, etc.


Questions about UMOR's annual DEI Strategic Plan reporting process can be directed to: