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Research Administration

From routing and submitting proposals to managing finances, the University of Michigan offers a wide variety of resources to help students, faculty and staff administer research projects.

Find a Research Administrator

  • Blue Pages

    • Managing the business aspects of research takes a team of experts. If you need help with a proposal, or if you need to partner with a research administrator from another school, college, department or unit, the Blue Pages give you the ability to look up a research administrator for your school, college, department or unit.

    • Find an ORSP Project Representative or Staff Member

​Route and Submit

  • Proposal Approval Form

    • Create a proposal approval form within your unit and via the eResearch Proposal Management system. Once internally complete and correct, route to the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects for submission four days in advance of the sponsor deadline.

  • eResearch Proposal Management
    • eRPM is used to electronically create, route and approve proposal approval forms, which are necessary in order to submit funding proposals to external sponsors, including the federal government. The proposal magamement tool helps route unfunded agreements for processing, and also creates and routes clinical trial routing forms.​​​

Set up Project

  • Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

    • The university's Office of Research and Sponsored Projects describes what you can expect upon receiving your award and how to set up your project. This inludes information related to PEERRS training and hardship requests.

  • Research Ethics and Compliance

    • The university's Research Ethics and Compliance team works to foster ethical conduct, ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, define U-M compliance guidelines, and safeguard U-M researchers and research.

Financial and Administrative Management

  • Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

    • One of the most important aspects of a project is managing it successfully to ensure additional funding and compliance. This may mean adhering to your reporting milestones, steadily spending your budget, monitoring subcontractors, hiring students or managing the absence of a project team member. The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects offers a wide variety of resources that aim to help researchers manage projects.

  • Financial Reporting
    • U-M Sponsored Programs prepares the financial status report in accordance with the Uniform Guidance. The guidelines detail the complete and timely submission of financial reports and other such closeout procedures for federal grants and contracts. Failure to adhere to these reporting requirements in connection with a specific grant or contract may result in the withholding by the federal agency of new awards campus-wide or the suspension of payments for costs incurred by the university on other projects funded by the agency.

  • Contract Administration

    • The Office of Contract Administration is responsible for the review and execution of contracts and grants associated with sponsored projects, as well as the preparation and administration of outgoing collaborative subawards and hybrid purchase orders.

  • Uniform Guidance

    • The Uniform Guidance is a set of regulations that consolidates federal guidelines impacting research administration, including the former A-110 (Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education), the former A-21 (Cost Principles for Educational Institutions) and the former A-133 (Audit Requirements).

Close out Project

  • Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

    • At the end of a project, there are important considerations to make sure the project comes to an orderly close. The university has an obligation to sponsors to submit a final technical and financial report. The necessary closing procedures may vary, depending on the policies of the sponsoring agency and whether the support was in the form of a grant or contract. The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects offers suggestions for a successful closeout.

  • Office of Technology Transfer

    • In addition to a final technical and financial report, most sponsors require the university to report on any inventions, discoveries or other novel commercial developments that were funded by the project.

    • If a research tool was created in the performance of the project that has not previously been disclosed to U-M Tech Transfer, submit an invention report describing the research tool.

    • Patent and invention questions (or those related to developing tools or discoveries that come up as part of the grant closeout process) should be directed to the U-M Tech Transfer patent administrator.


If you have any further questions, please visit the U-M Office of Research contact webpage for more information and answers to common research-related questions.