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Research at U-M

Widely recognized as one of the world's leading research universities, the University of Michigan provides exceptionally fertile ground for innovative research that underlies progress in all aspects of our society. The hallmarks of our research community include:

Excellence across a wide range of disciplines

With 19 top-ranked schools and colleges and annual research expenditures of $1.62 billion, U-M's research capabilities and accomplishments span nearly every field of science, engineering, medicine, social sciences and the humanities.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

Researchers regularly join with colleagues in other fields to advance knowledge and solve challenging problems. The spirit of collegiality at U-M has led to a broad spectrum of cross-cutting projects and initiatives addressing everything from health care policy and manufacturing to arts and creativity. And a number of multi-disciplinary research centers and institutes focus on areas ranging from energy to the social sciences.

Translation to practice

U-M has particular strengths in research that build on advances in basic science and engineering to pave the way for practical application. Translational work at U-M spans areas from pharmaceutical development and clinical trials to connected and automated systems for moving people and freight.


U-M engages in a broad spectrum of mutually beneficial research partnerships with businesses—both large and small—to spur progress on everything from manufacturing to understanding the impact of climate change. Researchers also conduct research in countries on every continent, and U-M has formed close ties with selected institutions worldwide, exposing faculty and students to the ideas, experiences and perspectives of cultures around the world.

Top student talent

Students are central to the research process, conceiving and conducting projects under faculty guidance as part of their graduate degree requirements, and participating in such activities as the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. In the process, students at all levels not only advance knowledge, but also develop the creative skills and spirit of inquiry that prepare them for a lifetime of achievement.