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Research Technical Staff Recognition Award

Past U-M Office of Research Staff Recognition Award Program Recipients

View a list of current and past recipients for the U-M Office of Research Staff Recognition Award Program (both Technical Staff and Research Administrators). 


The Research Technical Staff Recognition award is open to all regular non-faculty research staff members employed by any unit of the University of Michigan’s three campuses who are involved in the practice of research or in support of faculty who are performing research. Students, tenured/tenure track, clinical track, and research track faculty are not eligible for this award. 


Personal honorarium of $1,250 and a plaque.

Purpose of the Award

This award recognizes one or more research staff members who have, independently or along with faculty, advanced the research mission of her/his unit in a way that extends beyond the ordinary fulfillment of a position’s duties. 

Deadline and Submission Instructions

Nominations will be due February 15, 2021.



The award selection is made by the Vice President for Research based upon the recommendation of the Research Staff Awards Advisory Committee.

Award Announcement

The award recipient(s), if any, will be announced in April 2021.  The reception to honor recipient(s) will occur in the spring of 2021.

Nomination Guidelines

Any member of the U-M community may submit a nomination.  Include in the Nomination packet:

  • A one-page description of the nominee’s contributions to their unit and to the University in support of the nomination.
  • A resume or description of the nominee’s career.
  • Up to three (3) letters of support, from a wide range of constituents across campus, to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the nominee’s contribution to the advancement of their unit’s mission as well as the University’s research enterprise.

Please address the following selection criteria in the nomination materials

  • How the nominee made exceptional, unique, or innovative contributions to research design, development, execution, or analysis of results.
  • How the nominee fostered meaningful and noteworthy translation and transfer of research beyond the University of Michigan to important audiences for the benefit of special populations and/or society at large.
  • How the nominee has contributed to the success of others in his/her unit, or how the nominee contributed to the unit’s ability to meet a particular challenge or accomplish a particular goal.
  • The nature of the nominee’s interactions with employees and students at the University, and groups outside the University, such as local organizations, government regulators, or research sponsors.
  • Service on current/past committees and professional experience within the University and in the community.
  • How the nominee has demonstrated personal and professional growth.
  • Additional information you would like the review committee to know about the nominee.

More Information

Examples of staff that would qualify for consideration include but are not limited to:  Research area specialist, Engineer in research, Animal Care Supervisor, Institutional Research Director, Laboratory Supervisor, and Research Technicians. 

Students, tenured/tenure track, clinical track, and research track faculty are not eligible for this award.

Please contact Wendi Mohl in the U-M Office of Research